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August 22, 2006



I couldn't agree more Thena!! I'm looking for my niche also!



I also agree with you Thena. There are so many of us looking for our niche and only a few so brave to jump "out of the box". The poetry that you write is your niche and it is just wonderful. I enjoy reading all of your work and thank you for sharing your story!



What a pleasure to read you Thena !
My english may not be perfect.... I a french and feel equally "out of the stream" among the slice of 25-45 years old actual scrapbookers...
Being at this minute a bit overwhelmed with job and rather on the way I send you only this short mail. I must read more carefully your message before sending a longer reply.
But I suppose that I have understood most of what you wanted to share.
So sooner or later I shall come back to this message. In the meantime, I can give you here-under my blog address (but it is in french.... awaiting the creation of another one, in English (What a job for me and my poor brain cells !!!) which is "under construction" for "Tips and Tricks".
Cheer up !Kindly from France.

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