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September 06, 2006


Christine Uporsky

Thanks for sharing this. I too have malignant Melanoma cancer and are in the final stages of the battle. I have a 3 and 4 year old boys and I have ALWAYS been very passionate as to WHY I scrapbook. Sometimes my pictures don't get laid on the page completely straight but I just let it be because I know that when I die (which will most likely be before they grow up) it is more important that they have the stories to go with those photos that mommy couldn't lay down straight.
You are so right.... We never know when our time is up whether it's Melanoma or a freak accident, I have always said the papers and embellies just don't matter but sad as it is the industry sees it so differently. Yes every now and then you will see articles in the SB mags about how important it is to journal, I just wish they would emphasize the importance of scrapbooking more often.

I think it was wonderful what you did and trust me when I say I am sure Pat's family will be able to find much comfort in what you have done.

A group of ladies did the same for me when my cancer first spread and presented it to me at a fundraiser I had organized for our local Women's shelter. I hold those albums very close and share them with my boys all the time. It gave me a chance to take time off from working on albums and spent that time with my babies.
GOD bless you for having done that and GOD bless your friend for all that she has done as well.

I will keep you, your friend and Pat's family in my prayers.

Very Fondly,
Christine Uporsky

live each day to the fullest because tomorrow may never come.

Tina Parker

Thank you for posting this article! It describes perfectly my feelings about scrapping. I could care less about my layouts perfection it is all about the story. My husband passed away Jan. 2002 from Malanoma he was diagnosed In Nov. 2001 and those two short months were so precious to me. I kept a journal and one day when my children and I are ready we will scrap the journal as the final healing process. That people is what scrapping is about! It is about healing, memoralizing, and so that we never forget the good times in all the bad. My prayers go out for Pat's family and for you Christine.

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